ABEMO Projects
ABEMO Past and Present Activities. Learn More
Special Project. Learn More
Workshops on legal education for women. Learn More
2001 - 2006 activities include: Learn More. learn More
Eradication Campaign on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Learn More
Advocacy for national policy against FGM. Learn More
Seminars and workshops on conflict management skills for female leaders and political leaders. Learn More

Training for group members on Organizational Development / other capacity building for group members. Learn More

Micro Credit Scheme for poor women in rural settlements. Learn More

Reintegration program for Ex- female prostitutes. Learn More

Sensitization of traditional rulers on poor tradiitonal parctices relating to girls and women. Learn More

Scholarship to girls / orphans in schools. Learn More

HIV/AIDS education and prevention in schools and communities. Learn More


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