ABEMO Projects / Activities of ABEMO

1. Civic Education on the Eradication of Female Genital Mutilation
With the Goal to build a general consensus in community on the eradication of FGM. The programme involves sensitization meetings, workshops, community advocacy and mentoring.

2. Conflict Resolution Workshops
To help female leaders to better identify and understand conflict, resolve conflicts and establish a climate of cooperation in the families, groups and communities, ABEMO trained 40 women's group leaders in the Southwest province of Cameroon.

3. Girls' Access to Basic Education
The aim of this activity is to increase girls' access to basic education.

4. HIV / AIDS Prevention for Prostitutes
This programme is aimed at reducing the HIV infection rate amongst sex workers and has the following as objectives; Provide reliable information to female sex workers in relation to what is known about HIV infection and to enable them deal with the uncertainty concerning what is not known; Offer opportunities for sex workers to explore their feelings, attitude and values in relation to the many different and emotive issues raised by HIV infections; Equip them with the skills they need to apply this information and the insight to their own lives and to the situations that would influence their lives; and Train Sex Workers to serve as AIDS educators in HIV Prevention.

5. Micro Credit Scheme for women
This programme enables women to come out of their homes, organise with other women, establish their non-formal sector work into viable economic ventures, obtain grants, earn incomes, support their families, become more independent and participate in a world broader than their home

6. HIV / AIDS Education in communities and schools
The programme was being carried out in two phases:
Phase I: Creation of AIDS clubs in schools.
Phase II: HIV / AIDS awareness in primary schools and communities.

7. Capacity Building / Institutional Strengthening
Capacity building seminars are intended to provide members with specific skills that they require to effectively implement their goals and become more visible in the community.

8. National / International Conference
ABEMO members occasionally participate in national conferences and seminars, especially during the celebration of women's day
9. On- Site Visits
Members of the group made on-site visits to evaluation the progress, participation and results of the HIV / AIDS, FGM and Micro credit programs. ABEMO policy directs the organization to use its funds during the triennium to visit on-going programmes.

Sensitization board
Signing of Micro credit contract
Pupils provided with school needs
Microcredit preparing snails.
HIV/AIDS Sensitization
Difficult trips to target areas
Pupils provided with school uniforms
Girls in new look
Signing of Micro credit contract
Micro credit
One of our dangerous-attempt
Legal Awareness Workshop in Ejagham Area. ABEMO Motobikes Donated to Women's Groups.
2001 - 2006 activities learn more

2001 - 2006 activities include:

Workshops on legal education for women.

Eradication Campaign on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

Advocacy for national policy against FGM.

Seminars and workshops on conflict management skills for female leaders and political leaders.

Training for group members on Organizational Development / other capacity building for group members.

Micro Credit Scheme for poor women in rural settlements.

Reintegration program for Ex- female prostitutes.

Sensitization of traditional rulers on poor tradiitonal parctices relating to girls and women.

Scholarship to girls / orphans in schools.

HIV/AIDS education and prevention in schools and communities.

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